Meagmies (Meagma Diggers): Small people. Their average height is about two feet. They have large ears and a slightly pointed face and are able to see in complete darkness. They know how to dig in the ground quickly and efficiently. They are mainly fed by the fruit of the meagma tree.

An old legend says that a long time ago they lived in burrows under the ground and used to eat the roots of the meagma trees. Over time, their population has grown tremendously and the amount of roots they have eaten has also increased until the meagma trees have begun to die. The trees that remained alive asked the meagmies to stop eating the roots but the meagmies answered that they could not eat other foods. The trees gave them one of their fruits and asked them to taste it. So sweet and succulent was the fruit of the meagma trees that the meagmies immediately agreed to stop eating their roots. The trees offered them a deal: You will give us fertilizer and water and in return, we will give you delicious fruits for eating. The meagmies willingly agreed. Since then, they have been digging burrows for the roots of the meagma trees,
not to eat them but to bring them water and fertilizer.

In the past they could only be found in the meagma forests in Tetanuga, today they also live in Delya, Kartica, and many other places. Many of them became miners at Dorfus and other companies. They receive their wages in iron coins. Iron is a valuable commodity for them. It is essential for the health and resilience of their trees.

Yan (Ynviromaru Dolsimon) – a meagmi

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