Yol: a swamp ogre. Unlike other types of Ogres, this species is not aggressive. He has a good temper and his movement is slow. It is vegetarian. His diet consists mainly of Wetlands vegetation and seaweed. Most of the swamps ogres live in the marshy area of Sarasin Island.

He has never left the swamp area but his knowledge of Ineha is very extensive.

This is what Ademon writes about him in his book: When I asked them (the Somies) how I could get back to Thessaloniki they replied that they did not know but offered to ask Yol who lived in the inner part of the swamp. He, they told me, knows a lot about the world around us because the migratory birds tell him what they saw and heard in their travels.

Ademon adds and writes as follows: When I asked him (Yol) how to get from here to Thessaloniki, he replied that he had never heard of a place by that name but advised to get to Tetanuga. There, he told me, live short, agile, and industrious creatures who trade with human beings like you. Maybe they can help you

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