Sirens: Greek mythology tells about them that the voice of their song was divine and mesmerizing. Sailors drowned after jumping from ships into the sea trying to get close to them to hear their singing. In the story of the Odyssey, Odysseus asked his men to tie him to the ship’s mast to prevent him from being seduced by their singing. They are described in In ancient paintings and sculptures as a combination of a woman and a bird. For thousands of years no one has seen sirens in our world, But witnesses who were in Ineha confirm this, they describe them as women who have wings instead of hands and whose backs are covered with feathers.

Most of their population is concentrated in the Komokur cliffs. But they can also be found on the rocky coast of Tobo Island and there is evidence that they were also seen in Luda.


Tanya Burityan testifies that she met them. This is what she wrote: It was on the second day of my visit to Tori, I met a young woman there named Niba. we became friends. She showed me around the town, we visited the beautiful Tokatin Gardens, then we visited the Tory Museum where you can learn about the history of the town. And we ended the trip at a fish restaurant called Boli. They have a great variety of fish and seafood.

In the evening, before we parted, she suggested that we meet again tomorrow morning. Would you like to hear the tilinas, she asked. Who are the Tilinas, I answered with a question. They sing, she answered me briefly, and then added: the sound of their singing is very pleasant and refines the soul. I really want to hear them, I answered immediately. They are not here, she said, they are in the Komokur cliffs. It’s two days sailing from here.

I kept quiet, my original plan was to continue traveling the continent. She noticed that I was debating and said: You should. The ship leaves tomorrow at seven with a group of about fifty women. Only women. Even the captain will be a woman.

Why only women, I asked. Men are not allowed to come there, she answered. The voice of the Tilinas disrupts their sanity. They go crazy. They jump into the water and drown. They are not allowed on the ship. Insurance companies refuse to insure the trip if there are men on it. Will you come, she asked impatiently. Yes, I answered, I will come.

The next day we boarded the ship at half past seven after arranging the payment and a brief introduction to the group members. The sun was already up and the sea was flat. We set off. Seagulls accompanied us until Tori disappeared on the horizon. After the seagulls disappeared, dolphins appeared near the ship. A flock of at least ten individuals. They were with us all morning which was especially beautiful.

At noon the weather changed. The wind started blowing from the northwest. The sky was covered with clouds that changed color to gray. The sea became rough and rain began to fall. The ship kept going up and down and I started to feel unwell. A headache and nausea attacked me. I got seasick. I’m not used to this kind of cruise. Niba accompanied me to our room and there we stayed until noon the next day.

At noon of the second day the ship stopped. One of the ladies knocked on our door and said we had arrived. I still felt unwell but gathered my strength and went on board. The sight I saw was breathtaking. Black cone-shaped cliffs stood in front of us. Five were seen through the fog but there may have been more. They were not uniform in height. The peaks of some of them were bare and others were covered in clouds.

We waited for them for over an hour but they did not arrive. I returned to my room disappointed. The headache and nausea returned even more strongly. Too bad I came, I thought to myself.

The sounds of singing woke me up from my slumber. Pleasant voices I have never heard. A ray of sunlight came in from the window and illuminated the floor. I got out of bed and went to see them.

There were at least twenty there. They all stood on the cliff closest to us and sang. They looked like women but they had wings instead of hands and their backs were covered with feathers. They sang in a variety of voices, in perfect harmony and their singing was melancholic and mesmerizing. Some of the ladies cried from joy, others danced as if they were in a dream and I felt the exaltation of the soul. I will never forget their singing.

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