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Large desert bird. Also called Kozombus. Tarian witnesses claim to have seen many of this specie in the Duhar desert. They depict very large birds with a spike on their head.

Legend has it that many years ago they lived here in our world but Zephyrus banished them to Ineha because they refused to help him kidnap the nymph Chloris (Flora).

This is how Rudor Pearlston describes them: We found a hiding place among the bushes on the shore of the lake. Before sunset they arrived. They came to drink. I saw them clearly. They are taller than the ostriches and also heavier. They have a rigid crest on their head that is shaped like a spike. Its color is red except for the tip which is yellow-orange in color. Their backs are covered in reddish brown feathers. Their belly is white. The back feathers on their wings are dark blue in color. It is also the color of the tail feathers.

The locals told us that the female lays one egg every five years and incubates it for five months. She is a very protective mother, therefore it is not advisable to approach her nest while she is incubating her egg.

To see them, you will have to go to Lake Yamil, where they come to drink. It takes two days of walking to get there from the city of Tuma. Don’t go there alone, you’d better be accompanied by a local guide. The Duhar is a harsh place, the heat there reaches 45 degrees Celsius in the summer and there are very few sources of water that you can drink from. You will not be able to use a compass there because its hand will not point to the north but will rotate randomly. Maps won’t help you either, because the wind moves the sand dunes and changes the structure of the land frequently. Therefore, it is better that you hire the services of a local guide. The Yamilis (locals) know the desert like the back of their hand. They will get you there safely.

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