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Tree People

Also called Tongies. They live in the forests of Gudalama. Their population is about 20,000 people. They spend most of their time on the trees and hardly ever come down to the ground. They have long arms and legs in relation to their body, a feature that allows them to move easily between the tree branches. Their diet is based on fruits, leaves and small insects. Their place of residence is called a nest. Their nest is a kind of hut made of branches and leaves usually located at the top of the tree.

Tanya Burityan describes them as generous and shy people. This is what she writes about them: They are similar to us, although they have longer arms and legs and the ear structure is slightly different. They live in the trees and hardly come down to the ground, but they came down to take care of me. I find them shy and generous. They took care of my injured leg and also brought me fruit to eat when I was sick and weak. I owe them my life.

Almoyan claims that they speak the language of the trees and know how to communicate with them.

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