The Oclipa sign
The Oclipa sign

Oclipa: An Oceanid nymph goddess. The patron and gatekeeper of the Hidden Ocean and the protector of Oclipians. The daughter of Tethys and Oceanus the Titans. She is unknown to the inhabitants of the old world (Ipalia) because she was born after her parents fled from it. According to the Oclipian belief: After the Titans were defeated by the Olympian gods, they fled to another world. They call it Ineha (the new). Her parents decided to give birth to her to bring joy back to their lives after the disaster happened to them.

When she was grown up, the Titans were appointed her as the patron and gatekeeper of the Hidden Ocean. They ordered her to block humans from entering Ineha (the new world), but she violated their command. The Titans punished her for that. They forbade her to visit the old world (Ipalia). (See: The Arrival Story).

Her approach to Ipalia has been avoided but she has emissaries that tell her about what’s going on there and do different actions for her These are the whales and the Amazons. (See: Oyana).

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