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Updates and news about Ineha. All the evidence, rumors and speculations about the world on the other side. More news soon. Subscribe for free to receive updates.

Tidop Almuian

Specialist in growing and treating trees. He claims that the trees in Ineha have a language called Koikoi (also called the language of the birds) through which they communicate with each other and with the…

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There are more than one hundred and fifty different communities of humanoids in Ineha. Zebeda recorded their beliefs and folktales. I will try to bring her publications later.

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Master Donderpol

He looks like a simple man, but he is very important. He is in charge of the timing of a system called Mobila in the city of Duvira. If there is no synchronization between the…

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Crew – 34

Their names are (from left to right): Koya, Ogitan and Zoya. They belong to the working class in Duvira. Their job is to maintain and repair the steam piping of Mobila.

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Tree People

Also called Tongies. They live in the forests of Gudalama. Their population is about 20,000 people. They spend most of their time on the trees and hardly ever come down to the ground. They have…

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Large desert bird. Also called Kozombus. Tarian witnesses claim to have seen many of this specie in the Duhar desert. They depict very large birds with a spike on their head. Legend has it that…

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