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Somies: Their height is about 60 cm. Their color is light green, their legs resemble duck legs and they have an excellent sense of smell. They Live in Sidra, the swamps area of Sarsin Island.…

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Yol: a swamp ogre. Unlike other types of Ogres, this species is not aggressive. He has a good temper and his movement is slow. It is vegetarian. His diet consists mainly of Wetlands vegetation and…

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Ademon Of Carthage: a merchant shipowner, and writer consider himself to be the last Phoenician. In his book Ademon`s Wanderings In The Hidden Ocean, he describes different places, creatures, and cultures he met in the…

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Meagmies (Meagma Diggers): Small people. Their average height is about two feet. They have large ears and a slightly pointed face and are able to see in complete darkness. They know how to dig in…

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Mobila is an integrated steam-driven transportation system operating in the city of Dovira. Mobila has about one thousand employees whose goal is to maintain it and enable its proper operation. From Admon’s testimony: “It was…

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Ticonia: An island where remains of cyclops were found. The Oclipians believe that the Cyclops are good beings who have moved to the new world with the help of Oclipa. Oclipa helped them move into…

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