The Arrival Story (briefly):

The Oclipian mythology tells of a ship named Tevata sailing from the city of Tire towards Carthage. On this ship were six families fleeing the terror of King Pygmalion who suspected them of conspiring to oust him from his chair.

On the ninth day of their voyage, the ship fell into a storm. The strong wind and waves turned it on its side and it began to drown. Oclipa heard the cry of the ship’s passengers and came to their rescue. She asked the whales to stabilize the ship and then, with the whales help, she drove the ship to Ineha.

When the Titans heard that humans had entered their world they were very angry. They ordered Oclipa to bring them back to Ipalia. They warned her that humans are a dangerous species. That they will ruin wherever they go.

Oclipa felt sorry for the humans. She begged the Titans to let them stay in Ineha. She told them that the home of these people was destroyed and that their beloved queen was dead. She further said that Pygmalion king of Tire was chasing them and wanted to kill them and that If they return to Ipalia they will die.

The Titans acceded to her request. They agreed not to deport the humans from Ineha but they put three conditions on it: A. They will be settled in Eleos Island and will never live anywhere else. B. They will take care of the island and will not destroy it. C. She (Oclipa) would never be able to visit Ipalia again.

Oclipa agreed.

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