Ticonia: An island where remains of cyclops were found. The Oclipians believe that the Cyclops are good beings who have moved to the new world with the help of Oclipa. Oclipa helped them move into the new world because she feared that if they stayed in the old world they would be annihilated by humans.

The second stop in Ademon’s wanderings. This is what he writes in his book: The waves and the wind brought me to Ticonia. The ancient realm of the Cyclops. Their remains were visible everywhere. Abandoned pastures surrounded by walls of large, black basalt stones covered the island like a patchwork quilt. I did not see live cyclops there but I found a skull with a socket for one eye, its length is twice the height of a person. The mermaids spoke the truth.

Ticonia – Illustration By O.M Ornamirus

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