image of noy, a somi young woman

Somies: Also called swamp elves. Their height is about 40 cm. Their color is light green, their legs resemble duck legs and they have an excellent sense of smell. They Live in Sidra, the swamps area of Sarsin Island. Feed on small fish, worms and insects. They are diurnal. During daylight hours they are busy gathering, hunting and fishing. At night they return to sleep in their burrows on the edge of the marsh. Their population is about twenty thousand and is divided into nine tribes. Each tribe has its own territory.

They have a common set of rules and rituals. for example, Before they eat they thank the earth and water for the good food. Before going to sleep, they turn to the sun and ask it to rise and shine tomorrow as well. They will never hunt birds. The birds are sacred animals for them. They have a special relationship with the sparrows. They usually give them seeds and worms to eat. The sparrows in turn warn them of danger. If they notice from above that a tiger or a snake is approaching them, they will immediately chirp loudly.

If you managed to get into Ineha and want to meet them, you will have to go to Sarasin Island, where they live. Bring a jar of jasmine nectar with you. When you get there, you’ll have a hard time finding them. They know how to hide perfectly. The sparrows will warn them when you approach the edge of the marsh, so the best way to meet them is to simply wait for them. Sit about a hundred meters from the edge of the marsh and open the jar of the jasmine nectar. The smell of nectar will bring them to you. They are very fond of the nectar of the jasmine flower.

They may offer you a sapphire or ruby for the jar. don’t take it! Politely decline. If you take gems from the island, Sarsin’s curse will haunt you. All the men who took gems from this island fell ill with a mysterious disease and died, not a single one was left alive. Don’t assume your fate will be different.

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